I doubt if everyone is going to agree on the best system for vinyl record storage. There are a variety of methods out there and believe me I have tried them all.

I remember a time when I did not know any better. Yes there was a time when my record albums were jammed in a moldy old cardboard  apple box, sitting on a damp floor in the basement near the furnace. Talk about having the deck stacked against you!

I remember the name and I can still picture the album jacket to this day “That’ll Be The Day” with the late great Buddy Holly! The stylus on the turntable looked like it was skiing vinyl moguls. It did not even make a good ashtray. I still have nightmares.

You think I would learn but there several ways to damage your prized record albums. So we are continually looking for vinyl record storage solutions to meet our needs.

I suspect there are a few variables that come into play such as:

  • How crazy are you about your vinyl records storage?

I wish I had taken better care of my record albums because some of them are worth a small fortune now. They say “do not cry over spilled milk” but I cannot help it. I miss not being able to listen to those original recordings and checking out the album cover. To replace some of them, I only wish I could. Now if  money was no object!

I still cruise the flea markets, second hand stores and garage sales just in case I discover that rare vinyl LP that others have missed. I am off track, can you tell I am a Buddy Holly Fan.

Remember organization is key to a large collection. Whether you have 45’s, 78’s or vinyl LPs when you know what you have you can focus better on your vinyl record storage solutions. You can now evaluate the best storage medium for each type of record album you have. Something I have found useful for those who are budget conscious is that there are different grades of cardboard being made these days. This information can be useful when shopping for a record storage system.

Have a good look at the archival quality boxes for your LP record storage. You can only fit 33 per box but they do the job for lower end record album storage.

I was researching the market for the” latest and greatest” storage methods and came across an interesting innovation for vinyl record storage boxes. Yes, it does include cardboard so it will not break the bank. I am gathering the information and will make it available shortly. Probably in another post. Stay tuned!

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