Use LP Mailers To Protect Your LPs During Shipment

Do not forget to use LP mailers anytime you are sending or receiving a shipment containing an LP record.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller of vintage records you will want to ship them properly to avoid damage. Many of these old records are very valuable and maintaining their condition is a must in order to ensure future value. Also, LPs are very vulnerable to damage as are the sleeves which hold them.

There are a number of specially designed mailers which can be very cost effective. Many of these cardboard mailers are designed to hold either a single LP or several. These mailers can be adjusted in order for a secure fit to minimize any damage.LP Mailers A good LP mailer is relatively inexpensive; however, there are often even cheaper varieties on the market. Do not risk damaging a valuable LP in order to save a few pennies. Always go with a quality manufacturer when shipping these vulnerable products.

Often times, you can get a better price by buying in bulk. This is often a wise business decision if you ship many vinyl records a year. The cost savings by buying in bulk can be substantial and really adds up over time.

You may also be able to make your own if you are interested in designing record mailers. The key to protecting an LP is to use all the available space inside the mailer to lessen any movement. Often, the value of the LP may hinge on the condition of the record sleeve. It is vital to protect the sleeve when mailing which involves utilizing all of the space inside the mailer to restrict movement.

Always sandwich LPs in between two pieces of firm corrugated cardboard. This will limit flexing on the record. Also, wrap the record in bubble wrap and place it inside the mailer. You may then place other material such as newspaper or foam chips to fill up the rest of the space. This should ensure that the LP record cannot move inside the LP shipping container.

Many websites dedicated to collecting vintage LPs contain some great tips on methods to properly ship records. Also, many of these sites have forums for members to interact. If you are unsure about shipping an item it may be a good idea to ask for help. Many people on these types of forums are more than willing to share their knowledge and help a fellow collector.

If you are a buyer of a vintage record then you may want to ask the shipper what kind of methods they use.Vintage Record Study proper shipping methods to increase your knowledge, and you will be able to know if the seller is doing a good job. If their shipping methods are lacking you may want to keep looking until you find your item from a more trusted seller.

Collecting old records can be a terrific hobby and has been made easier over the last several years because of the Internet. Many of these records have survived for decades in pristine condition it would be a shame if they were damaged or even destroyed because of inferior LP mailers.

Collecting Old Records Can be a Great Hobby

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