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I doubt if everyone is going to agree on the best system for vinyl record storage. There are a variety of methods out there and believe me I have tried them all.

I remember a time when I did not know any better. Yes there was a time when my record albums were jammed in a moldy old cardboard apple box, sitting on a damp floor in the basement near the furnace. Talk about having the deck stacked against you!

I remember the name and I can still picture the album jacket to this day “That’ll Be The Day” with the late great Buddy Holly! The stylus on the turntable looked like it was skiing vinyl moguls. It did not even make a good ashtray. I still have nightmares.

It’s hard to find quality LP record storage because of the specific use and some what limited market demand. Most of the people are  using CD’s and downloading to their smartphone but over the past while the trend of collecting and listening to LP’s is continuing to increase.  Although there are various alternatives for LP’s, these are still used by many music enthusiasts. As the jacket is a little over 12 inches square and are larger in size compared to CD’s, these are difficult to store and require large storage boxes. Various manufacturers are producing LP storage boxes and shelves to ensure that your records are stored safely in good condition. Large shelves are considered to be the most effective way of record album storage because these are large in size and allow you to store your collections.

LP Record Storage


Vinyl record storage is important for storing vinyl records whose demands have increased in the few years. In order to maintain the sound of your vinyl it’s vital that you invest in proper storage that ensures maintenance. The maintenance and proper storage of vinyl is important for ensuring its durability and clear sound. You have to keep your records safe from scratches, heat, dust and sunlight. All of these can easily cause differences in the sound of the records and anyone who is concerned about the value of their collection should invest in proper storage.

For LP record storage it’s important that you properly arrange and organize your vinyl records vertically to ensure that their sound is not distorted. Many people place their records on top of one another which can lead to stress and sound distortion. This can also cause scratches and leads to poor sound. When storing your LP’s make sure that you don’t end up placing the records one on another and leave some space in between to maintain the sound of the records.

When placing your storage, make sure that the area where you place it is dust free as possible. By investing in the right kind of storage you can listen to the sweet songs whenever you want. Different types of storage options are available in different styles, designs and sizes. You can select the size of the storage depending on your LP collection and keeping in mind that each record is to be placed with some space in between. The sound of the records will be damaged and some will end up having scratches if you don’t leave some space and arrange them vertically. I have seen some serious record collections that take up a whole wall so the storage option used must have the design and strength to meet your needs.

There some small storage box options available that allow you to store LP’s in smaller manageable numbers. These are ideal for people who don’t want to invest in large shelving units and are looking for small and inexpensive solutions. These also make the perfect solution if you have smaller LP collection and are looking for small storage solutions. Larger storage shelves and boxes are expensive compared to these small storage box choices. However if you have larger record collections then you will have to invest in a large LP record storage that can easily store and also help maintain the condition of your records.

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