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For the serious vinyl record collector, LP storage becomes a serious issue. Not only do you need to preserve your vinyl in tip-top shape, but you need to keep the album jackets in good condition too — something you can’t do if they’re just stacked in heaps around your record player.

For the ultimate in vinyl LP storage, enter the Atocha record cabinet. This cabinet is actually designed more like a dresser, with drawers that are sized exactly for your albums, so you can flip through them right-side up, which is great if you’ve previously had them on shelves, and had to pull them out a little ways to view them.

LP Storage

Atocha Record Cabinet

The Atocha cabinets are fully customizable, so you can get some drawers that hold 45’s or CD’s, or have all drawers sized just for LP’s, and each one can hold up to 95 albums, including their jackets, so a six-drawer cabinet would hold 570 albums very elegantly. The price tag is elegant too. Each cabinet is custom made, and runs around $5,000, which includes shipping, unpacking and installation in your home. You had better “like”, I mean “love” that extremely rare and elegant vinyl record collection.

For the more average vinyl LP enthusiast, or someone who has thousands of albums to store, shelving that is sized especially for LP’s is the way to go. Ordinary bookcases tend to not work, as they are not sturdy enough, nor are they deep enough to accommodate the width of an album. Specialty LP storage shelving or racks are usually at least 13 inches deep, with at least 13 inches of usable space between shelves. These tend to be very economical on space, allowing you to store as many as 900 albums in just a few cubic feet of space, yet your records are all still completely accessible to you for listening whenever you want.

LP Storage Boxes

LP Storage Box

If you want to store your records however, away from light, dust and air in the hopes of preserving them for longer periods of time,an LP storage box can be the answer. Many of these are even sealed and stackable, so a large collection can be safely stored using a minimum of space. Boxes are usually the least expensive method of storing albums as well, and come in all sorts of materials, from wood to corrugated plastic. Avoid cardboard boxes, if you can, as they usually are not durable enough to take the weight of a number of albums, and will break down eventually, which can cause damage to your albums and their covers. In saying that, there are some manufacturers that have designed cardboard to meet the storage requirements that a vinyl LP needs. For affordable record LP storage, boxes can definitely be part of your storage solution.

I wanted to mention that what ever storage method you use, remember to stand your records vertically. If you do not have enough to fill the space make sure to use a record spacer so they are not leaning over.

From custom-made cabinets with easy-glide drawers to simple corrugated plastic storage boxes with air-tight lids, it’s clear that for every budget there’s a solution to the concern of how to safely store vinyl records and their jackets. LP storage is an issue that unites the vinyl enthusiasts from all walks of life.

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