Proper Record Album Storage – Protect Your Vinyl LPs

As with any valuable LP collection, proper record album storage is of the utmost importance. Collecting rare vinyl LPs is a hobby enjoyed by many people from all different walks of life. Why risk years, or even a lifetime, of collecting by not taking the proper steps to ensure your record collection is safe. LP storage is something which is quite easy to do as long as you keep a few basic facts in mind. There are a number of storage options available to fit any type of budget.

The first thing you should do for the storage of record albums is to decide what type of storage you will be utilizing before you start to build your collection. Many people enjoy displaying their collection to friends and family members and using it as a centerpiece. However, many people are perfectly content to keep their vinyl record albums stashed away and for their own personal enjoyment only.Record Album Storage It is important to decide how you will be storing your collection so you have a place for the LPs before they are purchased. Not having the proper storage in place could lead to damage to your records as they are stored in unsuitable conditions.

No matter what type of record album storage you end up using you should make sure it is specifically designed to hold LP records. Never try to force your records into some type of display or storage case which is not meant to handle records. This could lead to damage of the records or their sleeves. Also, if you plan on displaying your record collection make sure the LPs are not in direct sunlight. The heat from direct sunlight could damage the record and could also lead to sun fading on the LP sleeves.

There are a number of inexpensive storage boxes made to hold LP records. This can be a great way to properly store your records and keep them safe from harm. Many of these boxes are made to be stacked and can be placed in a closet or in the corner of a room. This is a great way to save space and to also keep your valuable records out of harms way, especially if there are children in the home. Children are naturally curious and displaying a valuable LP collection may be too tempting for the little ones to keep their hands away.

If you are the type of person who likes to share your collection with others then there are several different record album storage furniture pieces which can be incorporated into your décor. These can range from simple end table types of pieces which can hold a relatively small amount of records to large elaborate record album storage cabinet.Record Album Storage Cabinet Many of these glass front storage cabinets are beautifully crafted in retro designs and make a great way to show off your collection.

So, no matter if you are the type who likes to keep your LP collection out for all to see, or you tend to be overprotective and would like only your eyes to fall on your collection, there are a variety of choices for record album storage. The important thing is to make sure whatever form of vinyl record storage you are utilizing it is conducive to protecting your valuable collection.

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