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Speaking of music and your record albums. Remember those vinyl record sleeves that were used to help protect and keep clean those vinyl LPs of yours? Yeah, those thin envelopes of paper or plastic that were a real help for keeping the records pristine and clean.  I know that terms get thrown around a bit but for the purpose of this subject a sleeve or inner sleeve protects the LP and a cover or jacket goes over the sleeve. If you are going to keep those classic LP records of yours in good shape, you are going to want to ensure that you use quality sleeves so your records last.

Oh, to bring back the good old days when food was good, gas was cheap, technology was at a minimum, and the music, that was usually played on an LP record, was good!White Record Sleeves

Vinyl record sleeves can come in a combination of different materials. There are up to seven different grades that a collector can choose from but the most important thing is that a person wanting to preserve their record collection can do is ensure that they are anti-static. Anti-static vinyl sleeves are ones that do not allow any electricity or static material to destroy or harm a record in any way. Because an LP record can be fragile, the slightest bit of static material can wipe out an entire record, unfortunately. A second feature of the sleeves is their colors and patterns. While they may not add as much physical protection to the records, colors and patterns of sleeves can alert a person to their contents. For example, if an individual needs to know which record something is without having to take the album out of its cover (or if a person does not have a cover for his records), that person may look at the color or design of the sleeve to help in identifying what album it is. By not having to take out each album from its sleeve, a person can further ensure that the album is not going to get damaged when it leaves its contents. Another use, obviously, of LP sleeves is making sure that any debris, whether it is dust, dirt, mud, or something else does not get on to the record. Things that will destroy records instantly include soda and beer; water, however, will not destroy a record instantly, so it is paramount that record owners keep soda and alcohol away from their records. The use of these sleeves for LP record storage is an important and functional part of an LP record storage system. Individuals who have a collection of records should keep a record sleeve or two around when circumstances require it.Vinyl Record Sleeve | Anti Static Record Sleeve

Another important task for music fanatics is learning how to carefully place a record into a vinyl record sleeve. After your record has been carefully and thoroughly cleaned, make sure you put it somewhere that is pure: your record sleeve, of course. Blow off your sleeve to ensure that it is clean, or if it is really dirty, grab a brand new one; hopefully you have many stored close by, as they are not too expensive (i.e., usually twenty-five sleeves cost less than ten dollars). Slide the record into the sleeve, and then put the sleeve into the record cover, making sure that the inside of the record is never touched. Each time you take the record out of the cover, check the condition of the sleeve you may want to replace it now and then to ensure that your vinyl LP remains in the best condition possible. Storing records can be an easier task if individuals make use of vinyl record sleeves effectively.

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