Vinyl Records an Enigma to the Music Industry

Vinyl records are assumed to be dead due to its bulkiness, analog in nature, and the presence of CDs led people to drop vinyl records. However, the course of time changes and In fact, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), sales of vinyl records jumped to 1.3 million last year, which represents a 36.6% increase from 2006 a figure that some industry experts feel does not accurately represent the true sales figures. Take note independent record stores are not included. So vinyl sales from the above figure could be more than that.

Vinyl records are immensely the talk of the town and it enjoys great acclaim on baby boomers and teens. This is exactly what happened when the market is very much saturated with digital records.

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In the half quarter of 2008 vinyl record sales jumped to 77%. Most of the people in the music industry told the media that it is just a fad in which young and old adults are drawn to this nostalgic music storage format. Take note this is not just a local event. The Vinyl records surge is worldwide. In the UK alone, sales of seven-inch singles (45’s) have climbed 87.3% compared to the same three month period last year.

Vinyl is back to the spin again. The digging had been enjoyable as teens had been doing attic explorations to find vinyl discs from their grandparents’ and parents’ collections. Then mainstream artists like Radiohead and Aerosmith are releasing their album’s vinyl version along with mp3 renditions of their music. The special allure cemented the consumer’s enthusiasm about vinyl records.

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The great attraction made wonders and aid small record stores to survive because they are already much affected by digital downloads on the internet. Thus, vinyl saves them from closing down.

Regarding on its resurgence it keeps on going and going and doing much better now and beyond.

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