Vinyl Records Are A Great Value

It seems everything is so expensive these days…Gas, food, music. What’s a music lover to do when the money is short?

Well, there is one trick I know that will save you a few bucks: Get your music on vinyl. Many towns have music stores that stock new and used vinyl. In the used section, you can always find interesting stuff for as little as $1 a record. New vinyl can also be reasonably priced, sometimes allowing you to score an album for less than $5.

Another great place to look for vinyl are garage sales, estate sales, and swap meets. You can also find some gems hiding in your parents’, uncles’, and aunts’ shelves.


With digital music costing $10 an album, it’s nice to know that you can get a used full-length album, complete with large artwork and liner notes for as little as a buck. In addition, the vinyl sounds so much sweeter.

If you really want to get in on great deals and have access to a very wide selection of classics, you need to get online. In addition to my own website, places like ebay and amazon have a wide selection of vinyl records available for sale.

If you’re a digital audio person, you can also copy your vinyl to MP3 files, and take the music with you. If you want high quality, you can even encode your songs at higher sampling and bit rates. You can get two formats for the price of one: One format for home, one for travel.

Vinyl’s price advantage is another reason to give this format another chance.

By: Alan Bayer

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Alan Bayer is a music enthusiast and entrepreneur. Visit his website Vinyl Revinyl for much more about vinyl, as well as a wide selection of records for sale. Alan says: “Join the return to vinyl.”



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Doing so is the high-tech equivalent to spending hours picking through the dollar bins at used record shops. You’re going to have pick your way through a lot of crappy records to find the gems.

How To Find Good Ol' Vinyl Records For Sale

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