How To Find Good Ol’ Vinyl Records For Sale

Given that my on-going mission in life is to keep my vintage music collection alive and growing, I am therefore always trying to find old vinyl records for sale. There are a number of places to find these treasured oldies. Some places charge exorbitant prices, whilst others are downright cheap.

Of course, I will usually opt for the latter when looking for vinyl records for sale. Actually, I would often try to find a deal in just about all of my shopping adventures but finding old records always poses a real challenge.

The first place you want to look for vinyl records for sale is right in your own neighborhood. Garage sales are aplenty especially during the summer months. Go take full advantage of them. I have found many valuable vinyl records for sale at neighborhood garage sales so much so that I make it a point to visit them as often as I can.

I really hit the mother load at one garage sale. The lady organizing the event tossed the vinyl records for sale at her home in cardboard boxes under a table. These little treasures were pretty hard to spot especially to the untrained eye.Vinyl Records | Glenn Miller I looked under the table and found an unopened Glenn Miller collection amongst other valuable records stuffed in those boxes.

When asked how much she wanted she even said she should be paying me to help get rid of them for her. We finally agreed on two dollars for two boxes which was a real bargain. Those Glenn Miller vinyl records for sale were never opened at all. The lady remarked that they were a wedding gift but they didn’t really care much for his music!

Another good place to check out are the local flea markets. The people who run the booths are a lot more professional and they will certainly know what they are doing. You are more likely to pay quite a bit more at an organized place like this but you can still source around for great deals.

You can also find vinyl records for sale in some music stores that resell older music items. These stores are few and far between though, and they would price them quite a bit more than both flea market and garage sale combined. There is definitely a good chance you will find exactly what you are looking for at a store like this.

If you still cannot find what you want, don’t forget to go online. Obvious places are the auction sites like eBay or Yahoo Auctions. You will most likely find vinyl records for sale on the World Wide Web fairly quickly and easily.

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Records like that can really backfire on stores because people get really hot for it while it’s out of print and either download it because it’s impossible to find or spend a ton on it on Ebay.

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To find an undiscovered treasure is the dream of all audiophiles. An attractive cover on the album may get me interested in seeing what sort of tracks there are. Sometimes, the record store will be playing an album over the speakers that would get my attention enough for me to inquire about it and Posters from tours from long ago, walls of gold records, racks of faded black t-shirts, even the smell of the place with cigarettes, and the out gassing of the vinyl.


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